Pumpkins from twigs {Tutorial}

Inspired by all of the twig pumpkins I have seen in stores lately I set out to see if I could make one. It was harder than I imagined but through a little trial and error here is what I came up with:

Gather branches, ones that have a lot of branching to them will do the best. 

For a small pumpkin you want about 6'' branches for a larger one about 12''. Take about 3 of them lay the stems even to each other and make a loop.

Secure the loop with craft or floral wire.

Make at least 6 of these per pumpkin. And it is important that they are all about the same size. Trim any branches that stick out.

Put all the loops back to back with the top stems sticking up in the middle and secure with wire.
Spread the loops out to help hide the wire in the middle.

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