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Three Free Printable Christmas cards!

To Print:
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Cinnamon and Orange Autumn Dessert Cheese Ball with Ginger Thins

October 26th is National Pumpkin Day!
I am celebrating by sharing a Cinnamon and Mandarin Orange Dessert Cheese Ball, shaped like a pumpkin and served with thin ginger cookies.

To make the dessert ball: Combine 16oz cream cheese with 1c. powdered sugar, and add 2-3 chopped mandarin orange slices. Mix in a mixer and turn out onto a plate with 1/2 c. cinnamon.

Spoon cinnamon over the cheeseball and then, with washed hands, roll into a ball. Stop as soon as it begins to become sticky and place on serving plate.

I topped it with a stem from a sugar pumpkin from our garden, and sugar pumpkins in stores are inexpensive right now.

The cookies are thin ginger cookies, I have seen these cookies everywhere and they are delicious!
Served for dessert with ginger tea, this is a lovely treat, rich, but not too sweet.

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Snowflake Cheeseball

A pretty little snowflake recipe to go with any winter setting.

Fist mix 3 parts cream cheese,  to 1 part shredded cheese (cheddar or any your prefer), and 1 part almond slices. Adjust to your liking. Form a ball, place waxed paper over the top and roll (or smoosh) flat.

Cut out in a snowflake shape.

This is the snowflake I used. To print: click on the photo (above the click here to share box) to expand it, then select 'file' and 'print' from your browsers window.
Next, carefully transfer to your serving plate.

Top with a little bit of shredded cheese.

Serve with crackers, and enjoy!

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