Free Printable St. Patricks Decor - Irish Blessings

Free printable Irish blessings in 3 colors. Irish blessing have become my favorite way to decorate for this holiday. Do not get me wrong, there are usually a few leprechauns that make their way to shelves too, but there is something about these blessings with their casual inclusion of shamrocks, laughter, and love that capture my heart and signify the history of this holiday. Below I have 3 blessing in 3 different colors 
all are sized to fit in an 8x10 frame.

To print: (do not use the printer friendly button) Click on each photo to expand it, click again to make sure it is fully expanded (some browsers require this) then select file and print from the top of the window, or if using google chrome click on the wrench to print. Also if using google chrome you may need to right click on the photo and open it in a new window to print. If you have any trouble right click on the printable and save it to your desktop and print it from there. Personal use, but it is always ok to share these on blogs and commercial sites with a clear link back to this post and

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Shannon said...

These are really beautiful!

Shirley said...

What lovely saying's..

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Thank you for the lovely greetings! I have a friend who loves all things Irish so plan to share these for sure.


Mommy LaDy Club said...

These are beautiful messages! Thank you for sharing!


Finding Charm said...

These are so pretty. We're very Irish. The holiday is as big as Christmas at our house. I'm sharing these with the family.

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