Traditional Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

A quick and basic list of Thanksgiving menu ideas:

Turkey - see some recipe ideas HERE
Spiced carrots
Brussels sprouts
Creamed spinach
Green bean casserole
Cranberry sauce
Mashed potatoes
Green salad
Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
Pumpkin pie
Pecan pie
Whipped cream
Sparkling apple cider
Punch and horderves to hold the guests 'till dinner is ready.

This is my basic list, sometimes I get a little more fancy and add stuffed mushrooms or make the mashed potatoes into snowmen, but I wanted to list out my traditional menu for anyone who is planning this year on the fly (like me!) And if you need a few more ideas HERE is a great link to some varied recipe lists compiled by the Food Network

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday Haven's home page.

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1 comment:

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Your list is amazing and just made extremely hungry as we have noting planned for dinner tonight!! This last item on the list always my favorite! Ching ching!

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