Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. 
May all of his dreams come true.

Here shown with Lyndon B. Johnson:
(3 photos below)

With his wife:

With Malcolm X

And speaking:


EliFla said...

I think that many Martin Luther King's dreams came true...but the road is still long to go...anyway your Country is a Great Country.... and they are going to come true...have a wiìonderful day...hugs, Flavia

Annie Joy said...

Thank you for the photographs of this true American hero. May his dreams come true and may more of our young people be inspired by him and his work. Annie

hazel marec said...

Thank you for the wonderful photos of this great man!
May he rest in peace! We must all strive to regard all of our fellow humans as equals! My Goodness, who is anyone to say we are better than anyone else! God bless all those who have suffered inequities at the hands of the ignorant! May they soon have the Justice that is rightfully theirs!

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