Cute Little Ghosts - Craft

Made with plaster of paris these little ghosties are sure to add a little scare to Halloween.

Supplies: Gauze, as in the kind you probably need to replace in your first aid kit anyway. Plaster of Paris, found commonly in craft and/or hardware stores. Tin foil, paper plates, a sharpie, rubber gloves, and (optional) some kids. :)
Mix up the plaster according to the directions on package. I added some white elmer's school glue in place of some of the water to make the plaster a little stronger. Cover the gauze completely with plaster on all sides. (yes, this is messy! hence the rubber gloves.)

Drape gauze over a wadded up bit of tin foil. Do not wrap the gauze too tightly around the tinfoil or you will not be able to remove the foil when the ghost is dry. (speaking from experience here).

Remove foil when ghost is hardened, but before completely dry. And watch that the ghost doesn't stick to the paper plate. Once dry add cute little faces:

My middleschooler's adorable ghost.

My preschooler's (with lots of help from mom) ghostie.!

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Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love it! Looks like a fun craft with the kids, they all made me smile:@)

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