Vacation idea #20 - Camping checklist


- Vacation Idea #20 -
Let's Go Camping

Camping season is here!
Here is my Camping Checklist:

(You can print this list using the green printer friendly button at the bottom of this post.)

____ Tent

____ Sleeping bags

____ Pillows

____ Extra blankets

____ Camera

____ Camp chairs

____ Driving directions

____ Additional information on location such as history or trail maps

____ Kitchen ware : pots and pans including a coffee pot, plates, cups, silverware, dish cloths, paper towels and (older) kitchen  towels, pot holders, biodegradable dish soap, two containers for washing and rinsing dishes, marshmallow sticks, pitchers, spatulas, serving spoons, kitchen knives, portable grill or camp stove.

____ Food, and make sure to including butter, salt, and any other condiments.

____ Cooler for cold food and ice.

____ Flashlights with extra batteries.

____ Mosquito coils, citronella candles, off and/or other bug repellent.

____ First aid kit

____ Scissors or a pocket knife, and small multi tools come in handy. 

____ Matches or lighter to start campfire and grills.

____ Toiletries: Soap (at least two, for a family), shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels large and small, baby wipes (nice for quick wash-ups), hairbrush, razor, deodorant, hair accessories, quarters for showers, and (if you must) make-up. 

____ Clothing: depending on stay, but 2 shorts, 2 pants (especially dark ones for kids), 2 t-shirts, 2 sweaters, a coat, pj's, socks and undies for each day plus a few extra, at least 1 change of shoes and or hiking boots. 

____ Swimsuits, kids sand buckets, etc.

____ Sunscreen even if not swimming.

____ Check the weather report and take appropriate items. (Tarps & rain gear if needed.)

____ If near the ocean, check tide charts.

____ Fishing gear (including a bag for fish that have been caught).

____ Wood, LOTS of wood, if in an area where campfires are allowed.

____ Extra plastic bags for garbage, for food, etc. These are very handy to have.

____ Boats, paddles and pumps if boating.

____ Canteens or way to carry water on hikes.

____ Small backpacks for hikes.

____ Bikes and helmets.

____ Basket balls, kites, horse shoes, cards, a frizbee

____ Geo-caching stuff if you geocache (what is geocaching?)

____ Pets left at home are provided for.

And a few tips:
S'mores, bacon, corn on the cob, and hot cocoa are great for camping. Individual drinks always work best for us. Lunchables are nice to take hiking. CASH, we always seem to end up somewhere that only takes cash. Cell phones do not usually work in the woods, but on the off chance they will, making sure they are fully charged before you go helps.  Games are fun for the kids. I never get around to making tea while camping, so I stick to coffee, french presses work well. Cook extra the last night for dinner.  The smell of campfire food is delicious at home and makes for easy leftovers when you are tired and trying to settle back in. 

Handmade Christmas

Yesterday I reminded you that there was less than 6 months to Christmas!! And today though a team post I discovered yet more books with Christmas stitching projects and Etsy handmade fun. How fun would the mini cross stitch project be for kids!! Visit PanchosPorch to see all of the Christmas items.

And, for a handmade touch and lots of great cards see all of the wonderfully done Christmas items at Designed By Marylou

I am planning a handmade Christmas, and now is the time to start!


A Handmade Christmas Begins Now

Less than 6 months to Christmas! 

Now is a great time to start thinking about any handmade projects and gifts you want to create for your love ones! Today in spreading a little etsy love I came across this listing: For a Quilted Advent Calendar, it is a book full of fun crochet Christmas patterns. And if vintage is your style there is another book with crochet angel tree toppers and lots of Pineapple Christmas Patterns both can be found at The Sandlapper Shop on Etsy.

Click HERE to go to shop.


How to make Currant Jam

 These little red delicious berries, sugar, and some preparation is all it takes to make them into a wonderful jam.

We picked a whole bowl full from this pretty plant below.
Washed them, left the stems on and put them in a pot with a lot of sugar. The official ratio is 7 cups of sugar to 4 quarts of berries, but we just dumped in sugar 'till it looked like this:
Stir and cook for twenty minutes or until it looks a bit like jam.

Then strain out the stems and seeds.
(carefully it is very hot, it helps to have two people for this step)

Let cool for a few minutes till no longer scalding hot and then pour into jam jars.
Seal the jars to store in a pantry up to a year. Or store in freezer with the lids on securely for up to a year.  They do not have to be sealed to store in the freezer. 
I do this with currants, raspberries, and blackberries. Only with raspberries I use some pectin in the mix as well. Then I store them all in the freezer until the kids go back to school in the fall and pull them out one at a time as needed. A few special jars are marked and set aside for Christmas gifts.
Beautiful jams are SO easy to make.


Summer Lemonade
(and Thrifting)

What is it that makes Lemonade so lovely in the Summer sunshine?
I used our bistro table to set up this little side table next to the table we have under the apple tree. It is a nice shaded little area in our yard, cool and relaxing.

I have wanted to put together a little place for lemonade for some time, when I stumbled across this lemonade dispensing pitcher (still with the tag on the bottom of it), second hand from goodwill. It was marked $12.99, but it had a blue tag, and on that day the blue tags were only $1.29. I cannot tell you how quickly (and gently) this went into my cart!

Then nearly a day later I stumbled across these adorable cups from the dollar tree. I was so thrilled.

A nice treat for summer. And a pleasant place for the family in the sunshine.

Happy Summer!

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