Cinnamon and Orange Autumn Dessert Cheese Ball with Ginger Thins

October 26th is National Pumpkin Day!
I am celebrating by sharing a Cinnamon and Mandarin Orange Dessert Cheese Ball, shaped like a pumpkin and served with thin ginger cookies.

To make the dessert ball: Combine 16oz cream cheese with 1c. powdered sugar, and add 2-3 chopped mandarin orange slices. Mix in a mixer and turn out onto a plate with 1/2 c. cinnamon.

Spoon cinnamon over the cheeseball and then, with washed hands, roll into a ball. Stop as soon as it begins to become sticky and place on serving plate.

I topped it with a stem from a sugar pumpkin from our garden, and sugar pumpkins in stores are inexpensive right now.

The cookies are thin ginger cookies, I have seen these cookies everywhere and they are delicious!
Served for dessert with ginger tea, this is a lovely treat, rich, but not too sweet.

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