20 Winter Fun Facts

Winter Fun Facts:

1.We have all heard that no two snowflakes are alike. Did you know a scientist took 400,000 to prove it?

2.Icicles form most often on the south side of buildings.

3.The record for the most snow angels at one time was set in Ontario Canada in 2004 when a couple of schools joined to create 15,851 snow angels.

4.The wind chill factor measures heat loss from exposed skin.

5.If it gets cold enough, single digits or below, ice crystals can form and snow can fall from clear skies.

6.All snowflakes have 6 sides.

7.Antarctica set the record for the worlds coldest temperature at -129(degrees Fahrenheit)

8.It does not have to be 32(degrees Fahrenheit) outside to snow.

9.Average snowflakes fall at 3.1mph

10.Ice is a mineral.

11.Billions of snowflakes fall during a storm, even a small storm.

12.A whiteout is also called a snow squall. This is when the cloud touches the ground and everything looks white.

13.  60% of the Earth's fresh water is stored in the polar ice caps.

14.Hot water freezes faster than cold water.

15.The "winter blues" were first diagnosed in 1984. And have recently been named seasonal affective disorder or S.A.D. (seriously)

16.The tallest snowman was 113 feet 7 inches tall. Named Angus and made in Bethel Maine in 1999.

17. Nine years later in 2008 this same town created the world's tallest snowwoman. The snowwoman stood 122 feet 1 inch tall.

18. The largest snowflake recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records fell in Montana and  was 15 wide.

19. Ten inches of snow melts down to one inch of water.

20. Winter ends and spring begins with the March equinox. This is when the day and night are approximately ths same length. Currently the equinox occurs on either March 20 or 21st.

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