How to make Currant Jam

 These little red delicious berries, sugar, and some preparation is all it takes to make them into a wonderful jam.

We picked a whole bowl full from this pretty plant below.
Washed them, left the stems on and put them in a pot with a lot of sugar. The official ratio is 7 cups of sugar to 4 quarts of berries, but we just dumped in sugar 'till it looked like this:
Stir and cook for twenty minutes or until it looks a bit like jam.

Then strain out the stems and seeds.
(carefully it is very hot, it helps to have two people for this step)

Let cool for a few minutes till no longer scalding hot and then pour into jam jars.
Seal the jars to store in a pantry up to a year. Or store in freezer with the lids on securely for up to a year.  They do not have to be sealed to store in the freezer. 
I do this with currants, raspberries, and blackberries. Only with raspberries I use some pectin in the mix as well. Then I store them all in the freezer until the kids go back to school in the fall and pull them out one at a time as needed. A few special jars are marked and set aside for Christmas gifts.
Beautiful jams are SO easy to make.


Tayebug said...

You know, I do not think I have ever tried a currant. They look yummy though.

Prior said...

I've never done this, but may give it a try... Lovely watermelon salad, too. Lezlee

Hansonpatch said...

When I was young in Minnesota I grew up with a few currant bushes in our backyard and would go outside and pick them off all day long to eat them. I loved this post because I haven't lived anywhere where currents grow in many years, but it immediately brought back the memory of their taste.

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