Wedding Cake Topper From Fresh Flowers


Supplies needed: 1 dozen roses, wired ribbon, saran wrap or aluminum foil, scissors, 5inch floral foam or Styrofoam dome, cardboard, hot gluegun with glue.


1. Cover your cardboard with saranwrap or aluminum foil. It does not have to look perfect, this is just to create a base for your topper. It will be completely hidden.


Pull the wire on one side of the ribbon to create a ruffle.


Glue foam to cardboard.


Glue ruffle to cardboard around foam.


Cut flowers, and poke them into the foam. Start by placing your best flower in the top and then add the rest of the flowers in a circular pattern.


Do not worry about making mistakes, it is easy to re-arrange as you go.


To add leaves cut the stem above and blow the branch you wish to use. The leaf stems are not hard enough by themselves to poke into foam. Leaving some of the flower stem attached to the leaf stems will make it easier to add the leaves.


After adding leaves cut away any that stick out too far.


This topper fully covers the top of an 8'' cake. If your top cake is less than 8'' strait across you will want to start with a smaller floral foam. (i.e. 4'' foam for a 6'' cake). This topper can be used for bridal shower cakes, anniversaries, even birthday and baby shower cakes. The roses will keep for a couple of days in this arrangement (how long depends on how fresh they are to begin with). A day or two before the wedding is the best bet. Storing them in a cool place and misting them with water will help to preserve them.